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Wounded Wild Mother Bear and Her Cub Rescued by Wildlife SOS In Karnataka


The wild female sloth bear was captured by the Karnataka Forest Department from Tumkur Division, Yelanadu, C.N.Halli, and was received at Bannerghatta bear rescue center on 26th August 2014 along with her baby cub, a victim of the human animal conflict so prevalent in this area she was found. Found in a pit near a farm, sedated and brought back to BBRC, she was in a deeply traumatized state, a deep wound on the left forearm region and swelling on the right hind limb was giving her a  great deal of pain although the necessary treatment was given on that day. Read more »

Raju Learns New Skills

Tell us who you are and how you started working with Wildlife SOS? My name is Steve Koyle and I’m the Senior Elephant Keeper at the Phoenix Zoo.  I’ve been working with elephants for almost 13 years.  I had the honor of meeting Kartick and Geeta three years ago at an elephant conference in Oakland, CA.  I became inspired by the work of Wildlife SOS and soon after traveled to India to volunteer with Wildlife SOS. Read more »

Raju's Court Case Postponed Yet Again

Raju's case was not listed today at Allahabad High Court but is now likely to be heard on the 3rd of November. We understand that you might be frustrated with the delays but we request you to kindly understand that there isn't anything we can do to control this. Our lawyers are confident and ready for the case whenever it is finally heard! 

Fall Footprint Auction is Now Live

A 3 day auction will run through October 24 to raise money to help wildlife.  You can participate by bidding on auction items or purchasing a raffle item.  Check out the auction site at


Confessions of a Humane Educator

By Richie Chiger 

More Delays in Raju's Court Case

We just wanted to share with you that Raju's court case has now been delayed until October 27.  There isn't any stated reason for the delay.  We will be ready when the case is finally heard.  Thank you for your support.

Raju's Life After Rescue

For Raju, a new life of freedom began after 50 years of cruelty, when he was rescued by Wildlife SOS and brought to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, Mathura in Uttar Pradesh. Initially shy and weak, it took him a few weeks to familiarize himself with the surroundings and realize that he could roam around free without spiked anklets around his legs.

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Helping Lilly

WE just got word that there is an elephant by the name of Lilly that needs our help .  She has been confiscated by the forest department.  We don't know a lot about her right now.  We do know that she is about 35 years old and she has been exploited as a begging elephant.  The person who had illegal posession of her has apparently confessed to illegally keeping her and he is now in jail  We are grateful to the forest department for their work in enforcing the Elephant Welfare Law.   We are currently raising the funds necessary to shift her to our facility and begin her rehab process.  More information on Lilly is soon to follow.

Raju's court case delayed

For those of you awaiting news and the outcome for Raju's court case, please note that his case is now scheduled to be heard September 22.  We will post immediately following the court hearing.  Thank you to everybody who is writing to us expressing your love and concern for Raju.  We are ready and confident that we will win.