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Dr. Raja Presents Scientific Papers in Thailand

Dr. Ilayaraja recently attended the ‘Asian Meeting on Zoo and Wildlife Medicine/Conservation’ in Bangkok, Thailand.  He presented several veterinary papers on some medical findings Wildlife SOS has made with treating rescued ‘dancing bears’ and elephants.  The papers included the wound healing of a severely injured and malnourished elephant, as well as two case studies on sloth bears, one diagnosed with a rare eye pathology and another diagnosed with Trichobezoar (hairball).  Dr. Read more »

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Yaduraj- Part 2

This is part 2 of the interview with Dr. Yaduraj.

5.)  Tell us about a typical day for you. Read more »

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Yaduraj- Part 1

Working with elephants is a dream that many people have.  But what is it really like to work with an animal that can weigh more than five tons or 5,000 kg?  We bring you our 4th interview in a series that we are doing on the people who make the work of Wildlife SOS possible.  This one is with Dr. Yaduraj, who is the Senior Wildlife Veterinary Officer, for Wildlife SOS.  He is well known for his magic touch, patience and compassion that he employs when working with rescued animals. Read more »

An Inside Look at the World of Dr. Raja

This is the third interview in a series that we are doing on the great people who make the work at Wildlife SOS possible. This interview is with Dr. Raja, who is the Senior Veterinary Officer, at the Agra Bear Rescue Facility. His dedication has kept our bears healthy and happy and we are very grateful to his contribution and commitment to ending the suffering of 'dancing bears' in India. Read more »

Celebrating World Animal Day

By Roger Mann Read more »

Remembering Champa

By Tamara Dormer

Sometimes we look to others for inspiration and other times it shows up when we least expect it.  We met our muse on the scorching tarmac on a very hot summer day on the Delhi Agra Highway in 1998. Champa, a beautiful Asian elephant, clearly needed our help. Meeting her all those years ago planted the seed that we needed to do something to help elephants in similar situations across India. Read more »

An interview with Dr. Arun, the senior vet at the Wildlife SOS Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center

Dr. Arun is our senior vet at the Bannerghata Bear Rescue Center. He has been working with our rescued bears for many years now. He is a very intelligent, compassionate and hard working vet. The bears are in extremely good hands under his care. We thought you might enjoy getting to know him a little bit better.

1. How and when did you join WSOS? Read more »

Two Slow Loris seized from smugglers at the Delhi International Airport

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan 

Everybody at the Delhi International airport thought it was just another day at work, security, scanners and aero planes. Little did they know things were about to change. The Jet Airways flight from Thailand had landed, the date 10th September 2012. Most passengers were rushing to get through the transfer gate to catch the connecting flight to Dubai. 

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Learning from Nature

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

The environment is the best teacher. She might not be the calmest but she has her way of getting the point across. Wildlife SOS has had more than one tryst with her and we have learnt more than we could’ve any other way.  Read more »