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Nat Geo Article Features Wildlife SOS

 Read the latest Nat Geo Article by Jordan Schaul that features an interview with Geeta Seshamani, co-founder of Wildlife SOS.


Green Army in the Himalayas to Protect the Moon Bears

The Wildlife SOS Moon Bear Conservation Project in Kashmir today works on conflict mitigation to help prevent bear human conflict in the mountainous state of Jammu and Kashmir. The project started in response to a shocking incident that occurred a few years ago and something that many of you may recall…. A Moon Bear (Asiatic Black Bear) accidentally strayed into a village. Read more »

India’s first Wildlife Conservation Education Walkway opens in Agra

In another one of many firsts, India’s first Conservation Education Walkway focusing on wildlife conservation with special emphasis on Bear protection has been established in Agra, Uttar Pradesh at the Bear Rescue and Rehabilitation Facility by Wildlife SOS. Read more »


A Man Who Will Go to the ends of the Earth to help wildlife

                                                       Read more »

Barefoot soldiers conserving the bear habitat

By Samad Kottur

In 2006, Wildlife SOS intiated a project that would conserve bear habitat in the area of karnataka near Ramdurga. This unique habitat was chosen because of its value to protecting sloth bears. It is ideal because the rocky boulders and a scrub jungle that spreads on undulating hill ranges provide shelter and food for the bears.  Read more »

Sloth bear cub trapped in a snare, rescued and released.

 In the early hours of 3rd December 2012, Wildlife SOS team in Bangalore headed by Dr Arun A Sha received an SOS call from the DFO Tumkur Read more »

Our 24/7 Wildlife Rescue Program

two cobras It isn’t easy to run a 24 hour rescue program; it is even more daunting in a city like Delhi.   Many might believe in a city with millions of people that there wouldn’t be much wildlife.  However, that isn’t the case.   Therefore, Wildlife SOS is here to help when people and wildlife unexpectedly collide.
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Bear conference to address threats to bears in India

In 2009, Wildlife SOS along with an international NGO coalition was able to bring an effective end to the dancing bear trade in India.  However, other threats to bears in India remain.  Read more »

Leopard Cubs Rescued then Reunited

Read the newspapers story about 3 rescued cubs who were reunited with their mother.