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Your Pet Can Help Elephants

September 8th thru September 14th Wildlife SOS is working with Whimsical Pet Portraits to raise money to help more elephants as part of our Raju Rescue Fund. You can even have their portrait turned into note cards!

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Press Release: Court Date Is Set for ‘Raju’ the Crying Elephant as Abusive Owner Tries to Take Him Back


 New Delhi, INDIA (September 3, 2014) Chances are you either saw the video or heard the story of Raju the elephant, who was rescued this past July in Uttar Pradesh, India after being held captive for almost 50 years in chains.  A court date has been set for September 11th to decide whether Raju should return back to his owner who abused and tortured him or that he continue to live at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center in Mathura, India.   Read more »

Helping Raju: The Power of One

Right after Raju's rescue happened, those of us at Wldlife SOS were extremely touched by the overwhelming support that came in from around the world to help Raju. One day in July, somebody started the conversation on Facebook that a benefit concert should happen for Raju.  Barbara immediately jumped into the conversation and offered to make a record for Raju. It has been less then two months, and already she has organized a record that was released on September 1 and is already hitting the top 10 in some countries.


1.)  I don't understand, I thought Wildlife SOS had legal custody of Raju.  How can Mr. Shahid make claims to get him back? Read more »

Raju needs your voice

Raju has suffered 50 years of unimagineable cruelty. Two months ago, the world worked together to set him free. But it turns out his awful past is not fully behind him. The cruel person who denied him even the most basic comforts has just filed papers in court to get him back. Be his voice and stand up for his freedom!

We will post an FAQ soon of what is happening to help you understand the situation better.

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Wildlife SOS Presents ''Ganpati to Gajah'' in association with Alpana Ahuja and Art Spice Gallery at the Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

Wildlife SOS in alliance with Art Spice at The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa collaborated with Singapore-based artist Alpana Ahuja to host a month long exhibition titled 'Ganpati to Gajah' at Art Spice. Read more »

Raju is making friends and having fun

Raju was rescued a little over one month ago.  After 50 years in chains, he is now learning the joys of being free and is getting the love and care he deserves.  Here is a photo journal of some of these highlights.

One of the first things Raju needed was veterinary care to the wounds that covered his body.  The wounds on his body were from chains and other torture tools that were used to keep him scared and tame.  Many of these wounds had never been allowed to heal and had become chronic.  We suspect some of the wounds he had had for several years. Read more »

Raju t-shirts are now available

Following the rescue of Raju, there was a high demand for Raju t-shirts.  We took in the recommendations and requests by our supporters and we are now offering several Raju t-shirt designs.  If you are interested in helping Raju, then purchase a t-shirt today.  Wildlife SOS receives a percentage of the proceeds for every item purchased. Most of these designs can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

This Raju t-shirt was  is being offered in partnership with Arm the Animals and can be purchased directly  Read more »