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Raju t-shirts are now available

Following the rescue of Raju, there was a high demand for Raju t-shirts.  We took in the recommendations and requests by our supporters and we are now offering several Raju t-shirt designs.  If you are interested in helping Raju, then purchase a t-shirt today.  Wildlife SOS receives a percentage of the proceeds for every item purchased. Most of these designs can be shipped to anywhere in the world.

This Raju t-shirt was  is being offered in partnership with Arm the Animals and can be purchased directly  Read more »


After fifty long years of being chained and leading a life of suffering, Raju was freed in the early hours of the morning on 4th July 2014 by Wildlife SOS, a Delhi based NGO. For the first time after five decades, he is having his first day of freedom. It is an interesting coincidence that 4th July happens to be America’s independence day! Read more »

Raju's Journey to Freedom- A Photo Journal

We don't have a lot of information about Raju's earlier life.  We believe he was probably born in the wild almost 50 years ago and when he was just a baby, caught and sent to live his life as a working elephant.  He has spent almost 50 years in chains and most likely would have died never known freedom.  However, on July 4th, Raju took his first steps as a 'free' elephant because of your support.  Below is a photojournal of his journey to freedom. Read more »

Morgan Stanley volunteered at Wildlife SOS'S Bangalore Bear Rescue Centre.

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar
On June 28, 2014, Wildlife SOS’s Bangalore Bear Rescue Facility had members of Morgan Stanley team working as volunteers as a part of their volunteering initiative ‘Global Volunteering Month’.  It was a team of 20 volunteers who took part in enrichment making, sapling plantation and feeding work in the enclosures. 

Read more »

Remembering Bijli

It has been one year since Bijli passed.  Although she was in our life for a short time, she will always be remembered for her great courage and inspiring us to be more determined to help others like her.  Read more »

The cost of rescuing and caring for an elephant

We are often asked the question of why it costs so much to rescue an elephant.  The above before and after photo of Bhola is a good visual of the difference we can make when we do it right.  In order to provide the proper rehabilitation, it takes a signficant financial investment.  There are other organizations that 'rescue' elephants and keep the elephants on chains for a big portion of their lives.  We do not.  Read more »

Raju awaits freedom

We have some great news, there is now a court order that is allowing for us to finally rescue an elephant by the name of Raju.  We need your help to raise the funds to take care of rescuing him and providing him with the intense rehabilitation and care he will need.

Here is a little bit of information about him.  Raju is approximately 45-50 years old.  He has spent decades being beaten and chained.  Currently, he is shackled and has deep scars from spending years tethered by tightly wrapped chains. Read more »