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Morgan Stanley volunteered at Wildlife SOS'S Bangalore Bear Rescue Centre.

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar
On June 28, 2014, Wildlife SOS’s Bangalore Bear Rescue Facility had members of Morgan Stanley team working as volunteers as a part of their volunteering initiative ‘Global Volunteering Month’.  It was a team of 20 volunteers who took part in enrichment making, sapling plantation and feeding work in the enclosures. 

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Remembering Bijli

It has been one year since Bijli passed.  Although she was in our life for a short time, she will always be remembered for her great courage and inspiring us to be more determined to help others like her.  Read more »

The cost of rescuing and caring for an elephant

We are often asked the question of why it costs so much to rescue an elephant.  The above before and after photo of Bhola is a good visual of the difference we can make when we do it right.  In order to provide the proper rehabilitation, it takes a signficant financial investment.  There are other organizations that 'rescue' elephants and keep the elephants on chains for a big portion of their lives.  We do not.  Read more »

Raju awaits freedom

We have some great news, there is now a court order that is allowing for us to finally rescue an elephant by the name of Raju.  We need your help to raise the funds to take care of rescuing him and providing him with the intense rehabilitation and care he will need.

Here is a little bit of information about him.  Raju is approximately 45-50 years old.  He has spent decades being beaten and chained.  Currently, he is shackled and has deep scars from spending years tethered by tightly wrapped chains. Read more »

Cuteness Alert!

By Suvidha Bhatnagar

Wildlife SOS rescued a small baby hedgehog in Agra Bear Rescue Facility, Uttar Pradesh. Gopal Singh, the bear keeper was busy in his routine field cleaning work when he noticed a baby hedgehog wandering in a bear enclosure. With the agility and speed we never knew Gopal possessed, he dashed into the bear enclosure and scooped up the little one, even as a few curious bears had started walking towards it. The hedgehog was 'rescued' and brought to the vets. Read more »

Team Google celebrates Environment day with our sister organisation, Friendicoes.

By Kadambari Atri

This Environment day, on 5th June 2014 , our sister organisation Friendicoes SECA had members of Google team working as volunteers to help bathe and walk the dogs there. The volunteers who arrived at the shelter in the morning were seen eagerly taking the dogs out for a walk while some were seen enthusiastically giving a bath to the dogs. Later, after all the dogs were given a bath, they were taken out to the lawns to soak in the sun! Even the dogs could be seen having a gala time, all very friendly and playful with the volunteers.

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Wildlife SOS rescued a Cobra from Delhi Metro Station

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

Wildlife SOS's 24 hour animal rescue helpline responded to a distressed call from the Yamuna Bank Metro station office, Delhi about a Cobra spotted in the premises. Wildlife SOS received a call at 11 pm about a 4 feet long Cobra that had strayed in Yamuna Bank Metro station. The Wildlife SOS team led by Harshad Solanki, Rescue coordinator along with other team members rushed to the spot.  Read more »

National Geographic Radio interviews Kartick Satyanarayan, Co-Founder Wildlife SOS

By- Kadambari Atri

This week on National Geographic Radio, host Boyd Matson interviews Wildlife SOS co-founder, Kartick Satyanarayan. 
Here are some excerpts from the interview.