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Meet Manoj, our bear cook

As many of you know, in our work to solve the 'dancing bear problem in India, we worked with the Kalandar people to find alternative livelihoods, one that did not include exploiting animals.  In many cases we were able to employ some of the Kalandar people to work at various tasks at our rescue facilities.  We would like to introduce you to one of our team members, Manoj Kalandar, who has come from a Kalandar community that used to dance bears. Read more »

Endangered gharials released

Photo not of gharial, but of juvenile mugger crocodile!

By Dr. Jordan Schaul

Last week we received great news from the Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh State (UPFD).  A cluth of critically endangered gharials have hatched under the care of UPFD according to the Department's Deputy Conservator of Forests Sujoy Banerjee. Read more »

The Race to Save Bijlee

Army Veteran's Daughter Saves Wolf Snake

Wolf snake rescue

Surender and Rohtas and rescued wolf snake

Last night, in the middle of a festive social event in Agra for Wildlife SOS-India and WSOS-USA staff, an emergency call was placed to our Wildlife SOS 24-Hour Animal Rescue Hotline. It seems that a snake was lodged in the plumbing of a washing machine at the residence of Col. Sanjay Sajjanhar. Read more »



By Dr. Jordan Schaul (


Twelve hours of driving in the scorching summer heat is what our wildlife rescue team endured in order to rescue a handful of kittens from a dangerous situation!

Two of our courageous rescue officers left for the rescue operation at 5 AM this morning on a very long 600 kilometer journey in fiercely hot weather after receiving a SOS phone call about two little jungle cat kittens that had fallen into a deep well in a remote village near Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. Read more »

Two Young Bears Rescued

The Wildlife SOS  Anti poaching team "Forestwatch" rescued two young bears from the border state of Bihar that lies on the Indo Nepal border. 

This all night operation that was carried o Read more »

An Interview with the bear keeper Veeru

By Jordan Schaul

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Yes Banks says, "Yes to elephants"

 By Jordan Schaul Read more »