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An endangered otter is rescued

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6 tiger poachers convicted

By Steffi Joseph

Delhi, 23 August:  In a historic and landmark judgment issued by the Karnatak High Court, six tiger poachers including a woman belonging to the Bawaria Tribe from Kalka in Haryana have been convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail. Read more »

Crocodile rescued from railway station

By Steffi Joseph

Vishwamitir Railway Station, Vadodara, Gujarat had an unusual visitor a few days ago when a 2.5 ft. long crocodile was found sitting comfortably in a water tank at the station. It created panic amonst the travelers and visitors who did not seem very pleased by the intruder's visit.  To take control of the situation, Wildlife SOS in collaboration with the Gujarat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) carried out a rescue operation. Read more »

Endangered pangolin is rescued

By Steffi Joseph

In an interesting rescue operation, we got a call from a person who identified a strange scaly ball shaped animal spotted near the Agra Delhi Road, not far from the Taj Mahal.  The caller reported that some people were trying to capture this wild animal.  Our rescue team reached the location to find a 'pangolin,' also known as a scaly ant eater. Read more »

Caught in the conflict

By Resham Beri

With the advent of the monsoon season, our 24 hour animal rescue helpline has been buzzing with distressed calls from people across the city. People are calling about snakes and other reptiles that are being spotted in their backyard or hiding somewhere in their home. Read more »

A crocodile returns after 15 years

Fifteen years ago, in 1998, a small crocodile was caught at a temple outside of Lalbaug.  He was measured to be only 2.5 ft. long and was estimated to be very young.  After gathering some basic bio-data, he was released in one of Gujarat's biggest resevoirs called Ajwa.  Before he was released, a tag wtith the nuber '25' was placed on his tail.

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Bringing a leopard to safety

By Resham Beri

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A New Life for Lakshmi

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Finding ways for bears and people to live in harmony.

How does one live in harmony with bears?

That is the question that the Wildlife SOS-Kashmir team is trying to resolve.  Kashmir, situated in the northernmost part of India is not only known for its beautiful landscapes, it is also renowned for its rich biodiversity.  This includes the Asiatic black bear, sometimes known as the moon bear.  Read more »

One woman's quest to help wildlife

Snehal Bhavsar has been relentless for the past 30 years in her efforts to help wildlife.  Her specialty has become working to save reptiles and she is internationally known as a crocodile expert.  She runs the Gujarat SPCA which Wildlife SOS proudly provides financial assistance for.  She recently squeezed time in her busy schedule for an interview.  We hope you are as inspired as we are with what one person can do to protect wildlife. Read more »