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From the Field

Meet Rajbir

By Resham Beri and Steffi Joseph

Rajbir Singh is the coordinator of the Wildlife SOS Helpline Unit and has been responsible for saving the lives of several people and animals at the same time.  His job is to ensure that the helpline is manned around the clock and to ensure quick reponses to calls based on the urgency of the situation. Read more »

Wildlife Week gets underway in Kashmir

By Aaliya Mir Read more »

How slow can you go?

By Aaliya Mir

On September 29th, a cycle rally was held in coordination with the National Institute of Technology (NIT) and UNICEF.  The theme of the event was Environment and Wildlife:  A Green Action.  About 300 students and teachers participated in the event.

The Vice Chancellor of Kashmir, University Professor Talat Ahmad, commenced the rally with an inspirational speech about the need for people to peacefully coexist with their environment.

Aaliya Mir, the Education Officer for Wildlife SOS also spoke and urged the participants to make everyday a 'Green Day.' Read more »

Number '90' found in dog kennel

By Snehal Bhavsar

Cobra removed by Wildlife SOS after biting an air force officer

By Resham Beri

Wildlife SOS's 24 hour animal rescue helpline responded to a distressed call from the Air Force Station in Rajokri, Delhi on their wildlife helpline about a cobra spotted on the premises.

The Wildlife SOS team rushed to the Air Force Station but before our team could get there, one of the air force officers attempted to capture the cobra and got bitten on his right index finger. Thankfully, the officer Sgt Horo did not panic and tied a tourniquet around his finger to stop the venom from spreading throughout his body. Read more »

13 ft. crocodile rescue- a photo gallery

By Rajesh Bhavsar

This is a photo gallery of a 13 ft. that was rescued in Gujarat in the early morning hours.  

One of the rescuers climbed to the ceiling to drop a rope down that was used to secure the mouth.   Read more »

An unusual rescue of a snake in Kashmir

By Aaliya Mir

A snake was recently rescued in the foothills of Koh-e-Maran in the old city near a revered shrine called 'Makhdoom Sahib.'  The snake came to the attention of Wildlife SOS after it had appeared in the garden of Mr. Tariq Ahmed Baba on September 25th.  Snakes are not common in that region and therefore its presence created panic which resulted in a few of the residents evacuating their homes.  Read more »

Three young sloth bears seized

By Resham Beri

In a joint Anti-poaching operation by Jharkhand Forest Department, police and Wildlife SOS, three young sloth bears belonging to the NAt community were seized from poachers.  The bears had been illegally brought to India.  Since the bears were seized they have been transferred to our Agra Bear Rescue Facility in Uttar Pradesh which is the largest rehabiliation center in the world for sloth bears. Read more »

Leopard found in poachers snare is returned back into the wild

By Resham Beri

It was an eventful day for Wildlife SOS's Bangalore team after they received a call from the Forest Department of Karnataka about a leopard trapped in a snare in Nelamangala village, 30 kilometers from Bangalore.

The Wildlife SOS team, heade up by Dr. Arun A. Sha, Director, Research and Veterinarian Operations immediately started from the Bannerghata Bear Rescue Facility with his team and reached the location.  When he arrived he found a huge crowd gathered around the trapped leopard, who was obviously traumatized. Read more »

Chanchal's Delhi Belly

By Resham Beri,

Chanchal, one of our rescued elephants  is currently under going treatment for a digestive disorder.   We began to worry about her well being yesterday morning when she was uncharacteristically disinterested in food.    When she continued to reject fruits and other food throughout the day, the concern for her health escalated. Read more »