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Tech Mahindra Volunteered At Wildlife SOS's Banerghatta Bear Rescue Center

On 1st November 2014, the Bangalore Bear Rescue Center was buzzing with volunteers from Tech Mahindra, Bangalore. The enthusiastic team of 23 individuals helped our Bangalore team digitize individual files for the bears, which would enable our veterinary staff to gain easier and more systematic access to their information. 

Wounded Wild Mother Bear and Her Cub Rescued by Wildlife SOS In Karnataka


The wild female sloth bear was captured by the Karnataka Forest Department from Tumkur Division, Yelanadu, C.N.Halli, and was received at Bannerghatta bear rescue center on 26th August 2014 along with her baby cub, a victim of the human animal conflict so prevalent in this area she was found. Found in a pit near a farm, sedated and brought back to BBRC, she was in a deeply traumatized state, a deep wound on the left forearm region and swelling on the right hind limb was giving her a  great deal of pain although the necessary treatment was given on that day. Read more »

Morgan Stanley volunteered at Wildlife SOS'S Bangalore Bear Rescue Centre.

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar
On June 28, 2014, Wildlife SOS’s Bangalore Bear Rescue Facility had members of Morgan Stanley team working as volunteers as a part of their volunteering initiative ‘Global Volunteering Month’.  It was a team of 20 volunteers who took part in enrichment making, sapling plantation and feeding work in the enclosures. 

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Barefoot soldiers conserving the bear habitat

By Samad Kottur

In 2006, Wildlife SOS intiated a project that would conserve bear habitat in the area of karnataka near Ramdurga. This unique habitat was chosen because of its value to protecting sloth bears. It is ideal because the rocky boulders and a scrub jungle that spreads on undulating hill ranges provide shelter and food for the bears.  Read more »

Sloth bear cub trapped in a snare, rescued and released.

 In the early hours of 3rd December 2012, Wildlife SOS team in Bangalore headed by Dr Arun A Sha received an SOS call from the DFO Tumkur Read more »

An interview with Dr. Arun, the senior vet at the Wildlife SOS Bannerghatta Bear Rescue Center

Dr. Arun is our senior vet at the Bannerghata Bear Rescue Center. He has been working with our rescued bears for many years now. He is a very intelligent, compassionate and hard working vet. The bears are in extremely good hands under his care. We thought you might enjoy getting to know him a little bit better.

1. How and when did you join WSOS? Read more »

Bear Cubs and Bicycles!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan 

Dawn broke in a remote part of rural Karnataka; It was a cold morning. A vegetable vendor left his home, near village Basarihalli in district Tumkur about 150 kilometers from Bangalore. It was six am and he was cycling to the vegetable market in Nandihalli where he would get a good price for the vegetables he grew in his fields. The track he is cycling on snakes through a vast forest and in some parts it becomes very dense. It was not uncommon for villagers in these parts to spot a deer, leopards, bears and other animals crossing paths with them on this track.  Read more »

Bear Brothers Shifted to BBRC for Treatment and Medical Care

Two sloth bear brothers lived for several years in a small dark room. Thousands of pairs of eyes stared at them for years at a zoo about 300 kilometers from Bangalore.

Their home was a damp concrete floor, cracked from years of use. They were shy bears that normally lived in forests with caves but their feet were raw and sore from walking on concrete for years. They had not seen sunlight in ages.
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Volunteer Vacation - Aussie Volunteers donate time to help Bears

A team of about 20 volunteers from our Australian partners (FTB) Free the
Bears Fund Inc, descended on the Wildlife SOS Bear Rescue Centers at
Agra and Bannerghatta to donate their time. After a short stint of
tourism in Delhi, followed by a few days at the pink city of Jaipur and
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Python rescued from DND flyover

Python rescued from DND flyover

Reptiles hibernate in winter as we all know but contrary to beliefs Reptiles also like to come out occasionally and sun themselves in the mild winter sun.
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Reptile Conservation Program at JNU

Reptile handling at Delhi’s elite Jawaharlal Nehru UniversityWildlife SOS recently organised an awareness and training program in Reptile handling at Delhi’s elite Jawaharlal Nehru University.  Read more »

22 bears evacuated from West Bengal!

The Bannerghatta Biological Park, Karnataka Forest Department, Zoo Authority of Karnataka, Central Zoo Authority and Wildlife SOS have evacuated 22 rescued dancing bears (12 males : 10 females) to save them from severe Maoist threat received in West Bengal. Read more »

Wildlife SOS and Banglore Dentists partner to support Tiger Conservation.

Recently Wildlife SOS partnered with the Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital during the “Rotary Marathon-2010” to generate awareness and support for Tiger Conservation.
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Two Bears Saved on World Environment Day

Bear surrender
Wildlife SOS commemorated World Environment Day this year by rescuing 2 more sloth bears from a life of cruelty and pain. The bears were seized the evening of June 5 during a village raid. The bears, a male and a female, were injured; their claws had been cut to adorn necklaces and their hair torn out and used for symbolic charms to ward off bad luck and distress, a practice known as "Tabiz".
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Eight new bears join Wildlife S.O.S bear family!

Madan BearAfter the arrival of Chitra, the 500th rescued bear at the Wildlife S.O.S rescue centre in Bannerghata in South India, eight new bears have now joined the Wildlife S.O.S “bear family” at Bannerghata in 2009.
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