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Hundreds of birds rescued

By Steffi Joseph

In a historic rescue effort, over 300 birds were saved from the disaster that Cyclone Phailin caused in Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.  The disaster relief team was led by two veterinarians, Dr. Sanath and Dr. Yshesh and one wildlife biologist, Mr. Sagar.  They provided first aid and veterinary care for hundreds of rescued birds, mainly Asian open bill Storks.

The Wildlife SOS cyclone relief team were first deployed in Andhra Pradesh to save distressed animals trapped in the disasters areas. Read more »

Barn Owls and Voodoo Rituals


By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Bird watchers are keen on Owls, but why would a washer man or “dhobi” want barn owls???  Read more »

Long Billed Vulture has a narrow escape

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Our rescue team in Agra received information from the Forest Department that a young Vulture was spotted with a wound on his wing. There was further reason for us to worry! An anonymous caller further said that the local villagers were superstitious about this bird being a bad omen for their village and may club him to death. We had no time to lose and our team rushed to the spot. Read more »

Foggy January in Delhi affects birds, too

owlIt’s official... all of us have borne the brunt of the foggy January, with flights getting delayed, railway accidents, road mishaps etc. But the Wildlife SOS rescue team was busy with other problems, which everyone else overlooked. The foggy days and cold temperatures affected not only the homo-sapiens but also the avians.
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Birds of Prey Fall Prey to Smugglers

Bird of Prey
Recently, the office of Wildlife SOS in Delhi received a tip from an anonymous caller that poachers were attempting to smuggle some birds of prey amidst luggage in a bus in the town of Meerut, about 3 hours away.
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