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Street talks in Kashmir by Wildlife SOS

By- Aaliya Mir

With the sudden increase in issues regarding Man-Wild animal conflicts, Wildlife SOS had organised a series of street talks in the North division of Kashmir region to create awareness. It involved interacting with the people and getting their views on the solutions which could be adopted to minimize the Man-Animal conflict. Apart from listening to the people, Wildlife SOS put forward their perspective as to what is leading us to this conflict and also dicussed the measures which could be followed to minimize it.

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Inspiring Youth !

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

A team of 23 students from UNC Kenan- Flagler business school (United States) visited Wildlife SOS's Elephant Conservation and Care Center(ECCC), Uttar Pradesh as a part of their educational tour this month. Mr Baiju Raj M.V. who is a wildlife biologist and works as a Director- Administration at Wildlife SOS's Agra Bear Rescue Facility gave a presentation about the elephants rescued by Wildlife SOS.

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Cobra Rescued from Snake Charmer

by- Amanjeet Kaur

Earlier this month, the team of Wildlife SOS recieved a phone call from forest ranger Mr. R K Sharma, that a snake charmer was spotted at the mall road oposite Mughal hotel in Agra city. A snake rescue team of three- Mr Bhushan Kumar, Mr Sakir and Mr Reddy was deployed at the above mentioned location followed by the rescue of a Cobra snake from the snake charmer. The offender was handed over to the Forest Department for further investigation.  Read more »

Sibling Love

By Aaliya Mir

February 7, 2014: Raja and Zara are three-year-old Moon Bears in Pahalgam. Rescued a little less than three years ago, these cubs would not have made it if Wildlife SOS had not intervened. The two siblings were found in the trunk of a hollow Chinar tree in the Tral area of the Shopian Division of Kashmir. The Tral area was notorious for the number of bear attacks and also the number of bears that had been killed. In 2006, the nation was stunned by a video that played on almost all channels showing a bear being burnt alive by the villagers of this area although it had offered no violence and was merely foraging in their orchards. Read more »

Singapore Hosts Art Exhibition Featuring Works of Rescued elephant 'Phoolkali' and Artist Alpana Ahuja

Her Excellency Vijay Thakur Singh lighting the lamp at the exhibition's opening ceremony Read more »

Meet Rinesh

R    Wildlife SOS is involved with the rescuing and rehabilitating many different species of animals.  What is less known, is that Wildlife SOS has several research projects that are being conducted to increase our understanding of wildlife and help us to figure out better ways to conserve biodiversity.  Rinesh P P is a wildlife biologist who has worked for the organization since May 2012. Read more »

How slow can you go?

By Aaliya Mir

On September 29th, a cycle rally was held in coordination with the National Institute of Technology (NIT) and UNICEF.  The theme of the event was Environment and Wildlife:  A Green Action.  About 300 students and teachers participated in the event.

The Vice Chancellor of Kashmir, University Professor Talat Ahmad, commenced the rally with an inspirational speech about the need for people to peacefully coexist with their environment.

Aaliya Mir, the Education Officer for Wildlife SOS also spoke and urged the participants to make everyday a 'Green Day.' Read more »

Biking for Bears in Kashmir


By Aaliya Mir and Jordan Carlton Schaul Read more »

World Wetland Day 2013

By Aaliya Mir


World Wetland Day marks the date of the adoption of the Convention on Wetlands on 2 February 1971, in the Iranian city of Ramsar on the shores of the Caspian Sea. Each year since 1997, government agencies, non-governmental organizations, and groups of citizens at all levels of the community have participated in this day.   The focus is in raising public awareness of wetland values and their benefits. Read more »

A Man Who Will Go to the ends of the Earth to help wildlife

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Barefoot soldiers conserving the bear habitat

By Samad Kottur

In 2006, Wildlife SOS intiated a project that would conserve bear habitat in the area of karnataka near Ramdurga. This unique habitat was chosen because of its value to protecting sloth bears. It is ideal because the rocky boulders and a scrub jungle that spreads on undulating hill ranges provide shelter and food for the bears.  Read more »

Sloth bear cub trapped in a snare, rescued and released.

 In the early hours of 3rd December 2012, Wildlife SOS team in Bangalore headed by Dr Arun A Sha received an SOS call from the DFO Tumkur Read more »

Dr. Ajay, the Leopard Vet, speaks about his favourite leopards and more

Wildlife SOS, currently runs a facility called the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center.   This center, located a short drive from Mumbai, focuses on providing medical care to orphaned and injured leopards.  Some of the leopards live their lives at the facility because they can’t be returned to the wild. Other leopards come in for a short duration for medical treatment and are held until they can be returned to a safe environment.  Dr. Read more »

Rozie and her sister!!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

It was a very cold day at the gardens of Srinagar, in Kashmir; the gardeners were working in the grounds, raking out fallen leaves around the tulips, the famous tulips of the Cheshmashahi gardens to which thousands of tourists flocked each day with their cameras and appreciative exclamations. The horticulture department of Kashmir took pride in their work and everyone worked with silent concentration before the gardens could be thrown open to the public for the morning, they took their tulips very seriously! No-one quite knew how to react when the calm of the morning work was broken suddenly by a very loud startled yelp and the galloping of a very large female moon bear across the green lawns to vanish into some shrubbery. Read more »

Moon Bears in the Snow!

Wildlife SOS Moon Bear Transit Facility and Rescue Centre, Kashmir

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