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Top 10 Animal Rescues of the Year 2014

This past year has been an eventful one. We have achieved many victories and conducted successful rescue operations in an attempt to conserve wildlife and educate people on how to deal with wildlife encounters. To coexist with wildlife peacefully is a virtue as human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat which in turn increases conflicts between wildlife and the people. As we move into 2015, here is a roundup of our top ten most memorable rescues: Read more »

Street talks in Kashmir by Wildlife SOS

By- Aaliya Mir

With the sudden increase in issues regarding Man-Wild animal conflicts, Wildlife SOS had organised a series of street talks in the North division of Kashmir region to create awareness. It involved interacting with the people and getting their views on the solutions which could be adopted to minimize the Man-Animal conflict. Apart from listening to the people, Wildlife SOS put forward their perspective as to what is leading us to this conflict and also dicussed the measures which could be followed to minimize it.

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Crocodile rescued from wildlife smugglers

By Resham Beri

In a one of a kind rescue and release operation, The Uttar Pradesh Forest Department and Wildlife SOS released a young marsh crocodile in its natural habitat at the National Chambal Sanctuary.  Delhi Wildlife Department and Wildlife SOS confiscated the crocodile some months back from wildlife smugglers who were intercepted at the Delhi Railway Station on a tipoff. Read more »

Number '90' found in dog kennel

By Snehal Bhavsar

13 ft. crocodile rescue- a photo gallery

By Rajesh Bhavsar

This is a photo gallery of a 13 ft. that was rescued in Gujarat in the early morning hours.  

One of the rescuers climbed to the ceiling to drop a rope down that was used to secure the mouth.   Read more »

Crocodile rescued from railway station

By Steffi Joseph

Vishwamitir Railway Station, Vadodara, Gujarat had an unusual visitor a few days ago when a 2.5 ft. long crocodile was found sitting comfortably in a water tank at the station. It created panic amonst the travelers and visitors who did not seem very pleased by the intruder's visit.  To take control of the situation, Wildlife SOS in collaboration with the Gujarat Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (GSPCA) carried out a rescue operation. Read more »

A crocodile returns after 15 years

Fifteen years ago, in 1998, a small crocodile was caught at a temple outside of Lalbaug.  He was measured to be only 2.5 ft. long and was estimated to be very young.  After gathering some basic bio-data, he was released in one of Gujarat's biggest resevoirs called Ajwa.  Before he was released, a tag wtith the nuber '25' was placed on his tail.

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Endangered gharials released

Photo not of gharial, but of juvenile mugger crocodile!

By Dr. Jordan Schaul

Last week we received great news from the Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh State (UPFD).  A cluth of critically endangered gharials have hatched under the care of UPFD according to the Department's Deputy Conservator of Forests Sujoy Banerjee. Read more »

Wildlife SOS vet assists Forest Dept to assess Gharial deaths.

The Madhya Pradesh Forest Department runs a Gharial rearing facility at Deori, Dist. Morena, Madhya Pradesh at the Chambal National Sanctuary. The facility acts as a Gharial conservation and education centre. Every year, after the Gharial nesting season is over, the Gharial eggs are collected from the Chambal Sanctuary and incubated and hatched at the above mentioned centre. Read more »

Crocodiles rescued from Train Station

Rescued baby crocodile

In an interesting turn of events, two baby crocodiles were rescued from the Nizamuddin Railway Station in New Delhi. They were confiscated from a person who had brought them all the way from Tamil Nadu to sell them. In addition to the two crocodile babies, the man who was arrested as he got off the train (along with his translator) also had in his possession several protected species of snakes.
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