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Top 10 Animal Rescues of the Year 2014

This past year has been an eventful one. We have achieved many victories and conducted successful rescue operations in an attempt to conserve wildlife and educate people on how to deal with wildlife encounters. To coexist with wildlife peacefully is a virtue as human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat which in turn increases conflicts between wildlife and the people. As we move into 2015, here is a roundup of our top ten most memorable rescues: Read more »

Young Jackal Rescued From Faridabad.

By Shruti

One morning, a family residing in Faridabad found a visitor resting in their house. A young jackal strayed into their house during the night and found himself trapped inside. They were panic-stricken and quickly called the Wildlife SOS helpline. Upon receiving the call, the Wildlife SOS rapid response team immediately rushed to the area equipped with cages, snares and basic first aid for the animal. Read more »

Meet Jagat

Jagat Bahadur is the Senior Accounts officer for Wildlife SOS.  He has been with the organization for over 10 years and has been an incredible member of our team.  We would be lost without him. Recently we caught up with him to ask him about his role with the organization.

What is your favorite part about working with Wildlife SOS?  

I enjoy using my skills to help animals.  As a child I grew up with animals, my father worked for an organization called Friendicoes SECA.  This organization worked to help companion animals.  I think helping animals is just part of who I am and will always be.

What do you do with Wildlife SOS?   Read more »

Wildlife SOS organised a Charity Art Exhibition at the Lalit Intercontinental Hotel

By Shruti Prabhala

Wildlife SOS, in association with Art Junction, organized an art exhibition from 13th-31st December 2014 at Art Junction, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. An effort by the Delhi based non-profit organization to raise awareness about India’s wildlife through breathtaking series of paintings of artistic excellence, it met with a splendid response from the public.   Read more »

Three Large Python Snakes Rescued In Last One Week In The Capital

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

The sighting of a giant python at the DND Flyover brought traffic there to a halt. There was mayhem after the unusually large reptile was spotted on the bridge. The Wildlife SOS 24 hour rescue helpline 9871963535 was flooded with "distress calls" this week. In this week alone, Wildlife SOS came to the aid of three giant Pythons ranging between 8 to 12 feet. In the most recent incident on December 17th, a python was spotted on the DND flyover. The well-trained team from the Wildlife SOS, managed to restrain the giant snake, which weighed close to 23 kg. Read more »

Eight foot Python snake joins Chhath Puja prayers on Yamuna bank

The sighting of a large eight foot long python snake on the yamuna river banks where the chhath puja rituals are performed by thousands of devotees caused mayhem. Wildlife SOS was contacted and the snake was rescued safely. Read more »

Wildlife SOS Presents ''Ganpati to Gajah'' in association with Alpana Ahuja and Art Spice Gallery at the Metropolitan Hotel & Spa

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

Wildlife SOS in alliance with Art Spice at The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa collaborated with Singapore-based artist Alpana Ahuja to host a month long exhibition titled 'Ganpati to Gajah' at Art Spice. Read more »

Wild Nilgai Antelope rescued from South Delhi colony and released

A large adult wild Nilgai antelope bull was rescued from the residential area of Netaji Nagar by Wildlife SOS and translocated to the Asola wildlife sanctuary on January 3, 2014.

The rescue operation lasted several hours as the Nilgai was wandering in the residential E Block of Netaji Nagar.

A resident of the colony called up the Wildlife SOS helpline to notify us of the information that a Nilgai had been roaming around in their colony. Rajbir Singh, rescue coordinator with Wildlife SOS, rished to the spot the same afternoon. The operation began at around 2pm. The team from WTI also came a little later and participated in the rescue operation.  Read more »

A Man Who Will Go to the ends of the Earth to help wildlife

                                                       Read more »

Notorious Tiger Poacher Nabbed

In a daring operation involving several vehicles and a daylight chase
and ambush through the streets of Delhi NCR Gurgoan area, notorious poacher BHEEMA BAWARIA was arrested red handed with a tiger skin, tiger bones (an entire skeleton), two live turtles and ivory.   This was a joint operation conducted by NGO Wildlife SOS, NTCA, Haryana Forest Department, CBI, WCCB and Haryana Police. Read more »

Christmas Surprise! Cobra On a Bike!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan 

What would stop you from getting home to a warm couch on a chilly winter evening?? Perhaps a four foot cobra sitting on your bike!!!

Our Christmas Surprise was a call that came from the Delhi Metro Rail Depot when an employee jumped off his bike after hearing a hiss from the engine. Mr. Shekar, an employee of the Delhi Metro Rail Cooperation was about to jump on his bike and get to his warm home after a long work day, when he heard a hiss from his bike. He wondered what in the world that sound could be and bent down to check where the sound had come from. He screamed and moved away from his bike when he saw a spectacled Cobra coiled up on his engine, warming itself! Read more »

Reptile Smugglers at Delhi Airport!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Imagine being bound and gagged with your arms folded behind your back and your feet duct taped tight ! This is how we found Rango at the Delhi International Airport when security cameras spotted a strange movement at the departure terminal! Airport officers were gob smacked to find a long green creature struggling to breathe and contacted our rescue team.

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Giant Reptilian visitor paralyses South Delhi's Nelson Mandela Marg

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

One breezy October morning saw hundreds of people gather on Nelson Mandela Road.They were witnessing a first of its kind! A seven foot python snake was spotted on a tree.

Frantic calls started pouring into the Wildlife SOS Helpline all explaining how the python was on a compound wall. 

The Wildlife SOS Helpline team led by Harshad Solanki along with other team members reached the spot where the large snake was seen on a compound wall at Nelson Mandela road, opposite a famous mall in Delhi. The WSOS team climbed the high wall to try and rescue the snake. The presence of hundreds of people frightened the snake which immediately proceeded to rapidly climb a tall tree next to the wall. Read more »

Drowning porpucine rescued from 18 meter deep well

porcupineTo spot a porcupine in Delhi's vanishing forests is a rare sight, but to spot a swimming porcupine is even rarer! Read more »

Wildlife SOS rescues rare Small Indian Civet from Jamia University.

 A rescue call from the Jamia Islamia university led the Wildlife SOS Rescue Team to a rarely found Small Indian Civet. Reported from one of the IT department rooms in Jamia Islamia university, it was sitting inside a cavity above the parapet inside the room and had been spotted numerous times.  Read more »

Jackal rescued from being lynched in the Capital!

 A morning call on the WSOS helpline – a Jackal chased by a crowd in the Sangam Vihar area of the city had managed to elude his chasers and was hiding behind a shop. The shopkeeper, Mohd. Haneef, a kind man informed the police helpline who in turn diverted the call to Wildlife SOS. The caller said that the animal was struggling to keep standing on its feet and was drowsy, maybe owing to the gashing wound on the head that was bleeding profusely. Read more »

A successful Anti-poaching in the Delhi border results in the arrest of 4 poachers and recovery of 15 deadly jaw traps and wild animal carcasses

Ambush on the Delhi Border

In a joint Anti operation carried out by Wildlife SOS with Haryana Forest Dept and Haryana Police based on intelligence intercepted by Wildlife SOS, it was shocking to learn that wildlife poaching was rampant in the border areas of Delhi.

An ambush operation was arranged and the team had an all night vigil which we hoped would yield results.
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Python rescued from DND flyover

Python rescued from DND flyover

Reptiles hibernate in winter as we all know but contrary to beliefs Reptiles also like to come out occasionally and sun themselves in the mild winter sun.
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