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Laxmi at risk

Laxmi is an elephant that was rescued by Wildlife SOS in July of 2013.  She came to us morbidly obese and with medical issues resulting from years of neglect and mistreatment.  We have worked hard to help Laxmi recover from the many problems that were ailing her.  Some of her medical conditions will never heal.  Now, after Laxmi has adjusted to her new home where she has the freedom she deserves, her owners want her back.  They have found a loophole with the orders to move her to our facility and they are using it to try and get her returned.  We are asking people to help us prevent this by signing our petition. Read more »

Inspiring Youth !

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

A team of 23 students from UNC Kenan- Flagler business school (United States) visited Wildlife SOS's Elephant Conservation and Care Center(ECCC), Uttar Pradesh as a part of their educational tour this month. Mr Baiju Raj M.V. who is a wildlife biologist and works as a Director- Administration at Wildlife SOS's Agra Bear Rescue Facility gave a presentation about the elephants rescued by Wildlife SOS.

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Elephants today have no place to hide

Recently, Wildlife SOS had a blog posted in the Huffington Post on the topic that raises the question, is there any safe place for elephants left in the world?  Here is an exerpt from the article:

By Georja Umano

"Today the world has grown smaller; the human population is expanding and exploding, and the elephants and their ancestral homelands are being systematically disregarded, discarded and destroyed. Read more »

Singapore Hosts Art Exhibition Featuring Works of Rescued elephant 'Phoolkali' and Artist Alpana Ahuja

Her Excellency Vijay Thakur Singh lighting the lamp at the exhibition's opening ceremony Read more »

Chain-free, finally

By Amanjeet Kaur

Captive elephants in India have a cruel history of being used for begging,  held in temples for 'blessings' or forced to perform in circuses.  Wildlife SOS is trying to improve the situation for these elephants by helping injured and sick elephants that are forced to work in oppressive conditions.  Wildlife SOS currently runs two Elephant Conservation and Care Centers, one in Uttar Pradesh and the other in Haryana.  These centers not only provide elephants with the greatest of care, but they are the first to be 'chain-free rescue centers.  This makes us the first rescue centre in the country to do this.  Read more »

Chanchal- the water baby

By Steffi Joseph

Playful as ever, Chanchal has lived up to her name with her daily antics, winning hearts every day.  Our 17- year old is a water baby and spends much time rolling in the pond.Her name is just enough to bring a grin on the face of our vets and mahouts. Read more »

Bhola continues to inspire

By Resham Beri Read more »

Chanchal's Delhi Belly

By Resham Beri,

Chanchal, one of our rescued elephants  is currently under going treatment for a digestive disorder.   We began to worry about her well being yesterday morning when she was uncharacteristically disinterested in food.    When she continued to reject fruits and other food throughout the day, the concern for her health escalated. Read more »

Laxmi- Two months after her rescue

By Resham Beri

Laxmi, who was rescued by Wildlife in July 2013 from Mumbai, is now well settled in at the Elephant Rescue Center in Mathura,  She is a playful pachyderm and her health is improving.  She absolutely loves food and enjoys eating a variety of fruits.  Apples appear to be her favorite.  She tends to be a little territorial about her food and does not like the other elephants eyeing her food.  This can be a source of conflict between her and Maya and Chanchal. Read more »

A New Life for Lakshmi

By Resham Beri Read more »

The Race to Save Bijlee

Yes Banks says, "Yes to elephants"

 By Jordan Schaul Read more »

Cantaloupes and Footballs

By Sharon St. Joan  Read more »

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Yaduraj- Part 2

This is part 2 of the interview with Dr. Yaduraj.

5.)  Tell us about a typical day for you. Read more »

Up Close and Personal with Dr. Yaduraj- Part 1

Working with elephants is a dream that many people have.  But what is it really like to work with an animal that can weigh more than five tons or 5,000 kg?  We bring you our 4th interview in a series that we are doing on the people who make the work of Wildlife SOS possible.  This one is with Dr. Yaduraj, who is the Senior Wildlife Veterinary Officer, for Wildlife SOS.  He is well known for his magic touch, patience and compassion that he employs when working with rescued animals. Read more »

Remembering Champa

By Tamara Dormer

Sometimes we look to others for inspiration and other times it shows up when we least expect it.  We met our muse on the scorching tarmac on a very hot summer day on the Delhi Agra Highway in 1998. Champa, a beautiful Asian elephant, clearly needed our help. Meeting her all those years ago planted the seed that we needed to do something to help elephants in similar situations across India. Read more »

From shackles to Sugarcane: Lakshmi's Journey to the Wildlife SOS Elephant Rescue Center in Mathura.

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Lakshmi, in Hindu mythology, is the goddess of wealth.  In India she is treated with respect and considered lucky for a house. Unfortunately, Lakshmi the elephant wasn’t lucky. She had spent more than 30 years of her life doing hard labor and being underfed.

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Bhola's story in the Daily Mirror

Bhola upon rescue"Following years of horrific cruelty, elephant Bhola is happy again – thanks to help from British vets. The five-tonne bull was regularly whipped and beaten with an iron rod by his owners. It left him sightless – blind in one eye, with a cataract in the
other. He was made to walk for hours on end with brutal leg chains so he
could be hired out for a ride on the streets of Delhi."
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