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Young Jackal Rescued From Faridabad.

By Shruti

One morning, a family residing in Faridabad found a visitor resting in their house. A young jackal strayed into their house during the night and found himself trapped inside. They were panic-stricken and quickly called the Wildlife SOS helpline. Upon receiving the call, the Wildlife SOS rapid response team immediately rushed to the area equipped with cages, snares and basic first aid for the animal. Read more »

Newest Member Of The Wildlife SOS Family, Lilly!

By Roohi Sahay

Following the iconic midnight rescue operation of ‘Raju’ Elephant, carried out by Delhi based NGO - Wildlife SOS, it was now Lilly’s turn for freedom, a 35 years old female elephant who was freed from her shackles by a team from Wildlife SOS and the Haryana Forest Department. Read more »

Eight foot Python snake joins Chhath Puja prayers on Yamuna bank

The sighting of a large eight foot long python snake on the yamuna river banks where the chhath puja rituals are performed by thousands of devotees caused mayhem. Wildlife SOS was contacted and the snake was rescued safely. Read more »

Singapore Hosts Art Exhibition Featuring Works of Rescued elephant 'Phoolkali' and Artist Alpana Ahuja

Her Excellency Vijay Thakur Singh lighting the lamp at the exhibition's opening ceremony Read more »

Wild Nilgai Antelope rescued from South Delhi colony and released

A large adult wild Nilgai antelope bull was rescued from the residential area of Netaji Nagar by Wildlife SOS and translocated to the Asola wildlife sanctuary on January 3, 2014.

The rescue operation lasted several hours as the Nilgai was wandering in the residential E Block of Netaji Nagar.

A resident of the colony called up the Wildlife SOS helpline to notify us of the information that a Nilgai had been roaming around in their colony. Rajbir Singh, rescue coordinator with Wildlife SOS, rished to the spot the same afternoon. The operation began at around 2pm. The team from WTI also came a little later and participated in the rescue operation.  Read more »

Press Release: Animal rescue coalition saves another eight dancing bears from suffering in Nepal

dancing bear

They tried to run, but they couldn't hide. Eight more dancing bears have been rescued after they were found in Nepal; their owners hiding from authorities.


Kalandar Rehabilitation Literacy Programme Reaches New Heights

Kalandar literacy programmeIn 2007 the Kalandar village of Naya Basera in Kotra near Bhopal took pride in Nissar, the first and only Kalandar child to ever go to school and who is now studying to be an engineer. A little over two years later, in August 2009 Naya Basera boasts of 114 children going to school and getting educated under the Wildlife S.O.S. Literacy Programme for Kalandar children.
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Environmental Activism Award

environmental award
It's not everyday that an evening turns out to be loads of fun, great food and an opportunity to see the intelligentsia of Delhi society, its who’s who (and not to miss the remarkable Chief Minister of Delhi - Smt. Shiela Dixit,) all relaxed and upbeat. And it’s not everyday that the evening also brings forth a national award for Environment Activism to Wildlife SOS.
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Two Bears Saved on World Environment Day

Bear surrender
Wildlife SOS commemorated World Environment Day this year by rescuing 2 more sloth bears from a life of cruelty and pain. The bears were seized the evening of June 5 during a village raid. The bears, a male and a female, were injured; their claws had been cut to adorn necklaces and their hair torn out and used for symbolic charms to ward off bad luck and distress, a practice known as "Tabiz".
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Awareness Programme in Kashmir

Kashmir AwarenessThe year 2008 has not been a peaceful one in the Kashmir valley as we witnessed many unfortunate events during the year. Normal life came to a standstill for most part of the year. The schools and colleges remained closed for most of the time. In spite of all this, Wildlife S.O.S. continued to spread the message of conservation in the valley.
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