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Top 10 Animal Rescues of the Year 2014

This past year has been an eventful one. We have achieved many victories and conducted successful rescue operations in an attempt to conserve wildlife and educate people on how to deal with wildlife encounters. To coexist with wildlife peacefully is a virtue as human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat which in turn increases conflicts between wildlife and the people. As we move into 2015, here is a roundup of our top ten most memorable rescues: Read more »

An 'Aww' Moment- Leopard Mother and Cub reunited after rescue

By Shruti
On November 10 2014 at 4pm, Wildlife SOS received a call from Mr. S.N Bansode, a forest officer of the Narayangaon Forest Department, Maharashtra. A local farmer, Mr. Kambale, had come across a 3 month old male leopard cub in his sugarcane field and immediately alerted the Forest Department. Read more »

Wildlife SOS organised a Charity Art Exhibition at the Lalit Intercontinental Hotel

By Shruti Prabhala

Wildlife SOS, in association with Art Junction, organized an art exhibition from 13th-31st December 2014 at Art Junction, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi. An effort by the Delhi based non-profit organization to raise awareness about India’s wildlife through breathtaking series of paintings of artistic excellence, it met with a splendid response from the public.   Read more »

Ending the year by saving Leopards- Rescued and Released by Wildlife SOS

by- Pia Sharma

In a very eventful week the Wildlife SOS team from Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center, Maharashtra has helped rescue and rehabilitate two Leopards. Coincidentally both Leopards were rescued from wells, in separate parts of Maharashtra. Read more »

Street talks in Kashmir by Wildlife SOS

By- Aaliya Mir

With the sudden increase in issues regarding Man-Wild animal conflicts, Wildlife SOS had organised a series of street talks in the North division of Kashmir region to create awareness. It involved interacting with the people and getting their views on the solutions which could be adopted to minimize the Man-Animal conflict. Apart from listening to the people, Wildlife SOS put forward their perspective as to what is leading us to this conflict and also dicussed the measures which could be followed to minimize it.

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Meet Jaya

By Resham Beri

Jaya is a full grown adult female leopard.  As a cub she was playful, imaginative and loving and these qualities have remained with her as an adult.  Watching her grow up with her sister Jiya has shown us what acrobatic, marvelously dexterous and affectionate animals leopards can be.   Read more »

Leopard found in poachers snare is returned back into the wild

By Resham Beri

It was an eventful day for Wildlife SOS's Bangalore team after they received a call from the Forest Department of Karnataka about a leopard trapped in a snare in Nelamangala village, 30 kilometers from Bangalore.

The Wildlife SOS team, heade up by Dr. Arun A. Sha, Director, Research and Veterinarian Operations immediately started from the Bannerghata Bear Rescue Facility with his team and reached the location.  When he arrived he found a huge crowd gathered around the trapped leopard, who was obviously traumatized. Read more »

Bringing a leopard to safety

By Resham Beri

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After 5 years, 3 leopards get a better life

In 2008, a female leopard was trapped in a sugarcane field.  It had been determined that she was a nuisance and she needed to be removed.   To make matters worse, after she was trapped, it was discovered that she was pregnant and ready to give birth. Read more »

Wild leopard rescued from South Delhi

In a dramatic seven hour long rescue operation by NGO's Wildlife SOS and Friendicoes SECA with the cooperation of the Delhi Police and the Fire Department, an injured adult leopard was rescued from South Delhi's chattarpur area. Read more »

Back with Mom


At 11 AM on January 26, Wildlife SOS had a surprise visitor.  An 8 week old leopard cub had been found by a farmer in a sugarcane field.   The farmer was unsure of what do, so he brought her to Wildlife SOS.  Read more »

Leopard Cubs Rescued then Reunited

Read the newspapers story about 3 rescued cubs who were reunited with their mother.


Dr. Ajay, the Leopard Vet, speaks about his favourite leopards and more

Wildlife SOS, currently runs a facility called the Manikdoh Leopard Rescue Center.   This center, located a short drive from Mumbai, focuses on providing medical care to orphaned and injured leopards.  Some of the leopards live their lives at the facility because they can’t be returned to the wild. Other leopards come in for a short duration for medical treatment and are held until they can be returned to a safe environment.  Dr. Read more »

Jungle king returns to his kingdom

Leopard-Jungle King

Wildlife SOS has successfully released a Leopard into the wild after he was wrongly dubbed a “man eater” by the local population and the Forest Department was pressurised to trap him.
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Haryana Leopard released back into the wild.

With massive deforestation and man animal conflict becoming an everyday occurrence Wildlife SOS once again played nurse to an injured Leopard that fell prey to mob fury in a village in Haryana. Read more »

Leopard spotted in Delhi

Leopard spotted in DelhiThe residents of North Delhi witnessed the sudden appearance of a leopard in their midst once again. This had happened just a few months ago when the Wildlife Department and Wildlife SOS conducted a joint operation to try and capture the animal and relocate it to ensure its safety and the safety of residents. Read more »

Spotted cat spotted in Delhi

leopard spotted by Wildlife SOS

The Wildlife SOS team in New Delhi is working shoulder to shoulder with the Delhi Forest Department and the police in search of a young leopard spotted . Read more »

Leopard rescued from a 60 feet deep well

leopard rescued from wellThe Wildlife S.O.S. team in Junnar Leopard Conservation and Rehabilitation Centre near Mumbai in Maharashtra had to go out on a limb (quite literally) to rescue a Leopard who had fallen into a 60 feet deep dry well and the team lived up to the risky challenge…
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