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Wild Nilgai Antelope rescued from South Delhi colony and released

A large adult wild Nilgai antelope bull was rescued from the residential area of Netaji Nagar by Wildlife SOS and translocated to the Asola wildlife sanctuary on January 3, 2014.

The rescue operation lasted several hours as the Nilgai was wandering in the residential E Block of Netaji Nagar.

A resident of the colony called up the Wildlife SOS helpline to notify us of the information that a Nilgai had been roaming around in their colony. Rajbir Singh, rescue coordinator with Wildlife SOS, rished to the spot the same afternoon. The operation began at around 2pm. The team from WTI also came a little later and participated in the rescue operation.  Read more »

A “blue” week at Wildlife S.O.S

These days Wildlife S.O.S Delhi cell is being flooded by calls for distressed Blue Bulls or what we commonly know as Nilgais. The rescue team has been constantly on their toes saving and rescuing about 6 Nilgai babies and juveniles. Read more »