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Top 10 Animal Rescues of the Year 2014

This past year has been an eventful one. We have achieved many victories and conducted successful rescue operations in an attempt to conserve wildlife and educate people on how to deal with wildlife encounters. To coexist with wildlife peacefully is a virtue as human development progressively encroaches on wildlife habitat which in turn increases conflicts between wildlife and the people. As we move into 2015, here is a roundup of our top ten most memorable rescues: Read more »

New Year Calls for Another Python Rescue

By Shruti Prabhala

This New Year brought a surprise visitor to a village in Mathura. A seven foot long python was found by one of the villagers who immediately contacted the forest officer of the Mathura Forest Department, Uttar Pradesh. The forest officer kept the villagers away from the surroundings while he reported the sighting to the rescue team of Wildlife SOS. Read more »

Young Jackal Rescued From Faridabad.

By Shruti

One morning, a family residing in Faridabad found a visitor resting in their house. A young jackal strayed into their house during the night and found himself trapped inside. They were panic-stricken and quickly called the Wildlife SOS helpline. Upon receiving the call, the Wildlife SOS rapid response team immediately rushed to the area equipped with cages, snares and basic first aid for the animal. Read more »

Three Large Python Snakes Rescued In Last One Week In The Capital

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

The sighting of a giant python at the DND Flyover brought traffic there to a halt. There was mayhem after the unusually large reptile was spotted on the bridge. The Wildlife SOS 24 hour rescue helpline 9871963535 was flooded with "distress calls" this week. In this week alone, Wildlife SOS came to the aid of three giant Pythons ranging between 8 to 12 feet. In the most recent incident on December 17th, a python was spotted on the DND flyover. The well-trained team from the Wildlife SOS, managed to restrain the giant snake, which weighed close to 23 kg. Read more »

Eight foot Python snake joins Chhath Puja prayers on Yamuna bank

The sighting of a large eight foot long python snake on the yamuna river banks where the chhath puja rituals are performed by thousands of devotees caused mayhem. Wildlife SOS was contacted and the snake was rescued safely. Read more »

Cobra Rescued from Snake Charmer

by- Amanjeet Kaur

Earlier this month, the team of Wildlife SOS recieved a phone call from forest ranger Mr. R K Sharma, that a snake charmer was spotted at the mall road oposite Mughal hotel in Agra city. A snake rescue team of three- Mr Bhushan Kumar, Mr Sakir and Mr Reddy was deployed at the above mentioned location followed by the rescue of a Cobra snake from the snake charmer. The offender was handed over to the Forest Department for further investigation.  Read more »

Meet Rajbir

By Resham Beri and Steffi Joseph

Rajbir Singh is the coordinator of the Wildlife SOS Helpline Unit and has been responsible for saving the lives of several people and animals at the same time.  His job is to ensure that the helpline is manned around the clock and to ensure quick reponses to calls based on the urgency of the situation. Read more »

Caught in the conflict

By Resham Beri

With the advent of the monsoon season, our 24 hour animal rescue helpline has been buzzing with distressed calls from people across the city. People are calling about snakes and other reptiles that are being spotted in their backyard or hiding somewhere in their home. Read more »

One woman's quest to help wildlife

Snehal Bhavsar has been relentless for the past 30 years in her efforts to help wildlife.  Her specialty has become working to save reptiles and she is internationally known as a crocodile expert.  She runs the Gujarat SPCA which Wildlife SOS proudly provides financial assistance for.  She recently squeezed time in her busy schedule for an interview.  We hope you are as inspired as we are with what one person can do to protect wildlife. Read more »

96 Hatchlings Race to the Sea

The olive ridley sea turtle is considered to be one of the most abundant sea turtles; however, due to a significant loss in nesting sites and its population, it is now considered endangered. Therefore, a small team from Wildlife SOS put together a project to see what could be done to help the turtle successfully produce hatchlings. Read more »

A Man Who Will Go to the ends of the Earth to help wildlife

                                                       Read more »

Python Rescue In the Mist


By Aishuwarya Sudarshan 

It would be easy if we only had to rescue distressed animals, but quite often we have to deal with furious mobs, panic struck crowds of people, the odd paranoid woman, severely intoxicated men trying to prove their might and more...One misty December morning the rescue team at Agra received a call about a very large python that was spotted near "Marau village". The caller reported there was a huge mob that was gathered at the spot and if we didn’t get there soon to help the snake, chances are the snake may not survive the mob attack!! Time was of the essence and our team rushed to the spot without further delay.  Read more »

Monitor Lizard In a Soup

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

In a shocking incident on 6th December, the ugly face of illegal wildlife trade in Delhi surfaced again, this time in a large market! At about 8:30 pm, Our Helpline received a tip off about some live wild animals being sold secretly in south Delhi’s INA market. Read more »

Cobra Snake rescued from Commonwealth Games Tennis stadium

OS rescued a four foot long adult Cobra from inside the Commonwealth Games venue - the RK Khanna Tennis Stadium. According to Harshad - Wildlife  SOS Rescue Team Member, "The SOS call about the snake was received through the Police Control Room at around 2 pm and a rescue team was desptached immediately to Gate No 12 of the stadium. A police constable spotted the cobra going into a sewer. Our team reached there at 2:40 pm and rescued the snake." Read more »