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Street talks in Kashmir by Wildlife SOS

By- Aaliya Mir

With the sudden increase in issues regarding Man-Wild animal conflicts, Wildlife SOS had organised a series of street talks in the North division of Kashmir region to create awareness. It involved interacting with the people and getting their views on the solutions which could be adopted to minimize the Man-Animal conflict. Apart from listening to the people, Wildlife SOS put forward their perspective as to what is leading us to this conflict and also dicussed the measures which could be followed to minimize it.

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6 tiger poachers convicted

By Steffi Joseph

Delhi, 23 August:  In a historic and landmark judgment issued by the Karnatak High Court, six tiger poachers including a woman belonging to the Bawaria Tribe from Kalka in Haryana have been convicted and sentenced to 3 years in jail. Read more »

Notorious Tiger Poacher Nabbed

In a daring operation involving several vehicles and a daylight chase
and ambush through the streets of Delhi NCR Gurgoan area, notorious poacher BHEEMA BAWARIA was arrested red handed with a tiger skin, tiger bones (an entire skeleton), two live turtles and ivory.   This was a joint operation conducted by NGO Wildlife SOS, NTCA, Haryana Forest Department, CBI, WCCB and Haryana Police. Read more »

Tiger in Mathura - The Outcome

In a rare incident in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh a Tiger was reported to be sighted in a village near the highway. The Forest Department immediately contacted Wildlife SOS to help track the animal and preventing a disaster from happening, as the villagers were already up in arms to kill the wandering tiger. Read more »

"Tiger on the run wreaks havoc in Mathura" - CNN IBN

Wildlife SOS is working to track this tiger in Mathura. The video below is news coverage from CNN-IBN. Or, you can view the video on the CNN IBN website.


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Wildlife SOS and Banglore Dentists partner to support Tiger Conservation.

Recently Wildlife SOS partnered with the Bangalore Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital during the “Rotary Marathon-2010” to generate awareness and support for Tiger Conservation.
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