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Wildlife Crime


After fifty long years of being chained and leading a life of suffering, Raju was freed in the early hours of the morning on 4th July 2014 by Wildlife SOS, a Delhi based NGO. For the first time after five decades, he is having his first day of freedom. It is an interesting coincidence that 4th July happens to be America’s independence day! Read more »

Food will last if Forests Shall- Story from Jammu & Kashmir

by- Aaliya Mir

A Famous Kashmiri Proverb "Aan Poshe Tale,Yalee Waan Poshe"(Food will last if Forests Shall).

The environment faces a multitude of challenges today. From climate change to species extinction, our planet and its inhabitants are continually facing man-made threats that must be averted. Keeping the same in mind, Wildlife SOS in association with the school authorities of Rainawari Girls Higher Secondary School and Soura Boys Higher Secondary School planted saplings in their school campuses as part of the ongoing awareness programme in the state.

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Street talks in Kashmir by Wildlife SOS

By- Aaliya Mir

With the sudden increase in issues regarding Man-Wild animal conflicts, Wildlife SOS had organised a series of street talks in the North division of Kashmir region to create awareness. It involved interacting with the people and getting their views on the solutions which could be adopted to minimize the Man-Animal conflict. Apart from listening to the people, Wildlife SOS put forward their perspective as to what is leading us to this conflict and also dicussed the measures which could be followed to minimize it.

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Inspiring Youth !

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

A team of 23 students from UNC Kenan- Flagler business school (United States) visited Wildlife SOS's Elephant Conservation and Care Center(ECCC), Uttar Pradesh as a part of their educational tour this month. Mr Baiju Raj M.V. who is a wildlife biologist and works as a Director- Administration at Wildlife SOS's Agra Bear Rescue Facility gave a presentation about the elephants rescued by Wildlife SOS.

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Cobra Rescued from Snake Charmer

by- Amanjeet Kaur

Earlier this month, the team of Wildlife SOS recieved a phone call from forest ranger Mr. R K Sharma, that a snake charmer was spotted at the mall road oposite Mughal hotel in Agra city. A snake rescue team of three- Mr Bhushan Kumar, Mr Sakir and Mr Reddy was deployed at the above mentioned location followed by the rescue of a Cobra snake from the snake charmer. The offender was handed over to the Forest Department for further investigation.  Read more »

Something called Hope!

by- Suvidha Bhatnagar

"There is some good in this world, and it's worth fighting for."- J.R.R. Tolkien

Wildlife SOS has been diligently working for years in order to control poaching and illegal trade in India by reforming tribals that depend on wildlife for food, or as a source of income and livelihoods and by educating there children and empowering womenfolk as second income earners. Wildlife SOS encouraged the Kalandar community to voluntarily and peacefully surrender their bears with an aim to effectively support community development to help bring disadvantaged tribal communities to the mainstream. Read more »

Sloth bear cub trapped in a snare, rescued and released.

 In the early hours of 3rd December 2012, Wildlife SOS team in Bangalore headed by Dr Arun A Sha received an SOS call from the DFO Tumkur Read more »

Two Slow Loris seized from smugglers at the Delhi International Airport

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan 

Everybody at the Delhi International airport thought it was just another day at work, security, scanners and aero planes. Little did they know things were about to change. The Jet Airways flight from Thailand had landed, the date 10th September 2012. Most passengers were rushing to get through the transfer gate to catch the connecting flight to Dubai. 

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Poachers arrested, skin seized and our fingers crossed!!!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Our Forest Watch team received a tip off about a few men in a remote district of Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, who looked suspicious and were snooping around the village holding a parcel that looked a little fishy.

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Reptile Smugglers at Delhi Airport!

By Aishuwarya Sudarshan

Imagine being bound and gagged with your arms folded behind your back and your feet duct taped tight ! This is how we found Rango at the Delhi International Airport when security cameras spotted a strange movement at the departure terminal! Airport officers were gob smacked to find a long green creature struggling to breathe and contacted our rescue team.

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Bijli arrives at Wildlife SOS Elephant Haven!

Last summer, Wildlife SOS’ ever vigilant informers at last spotted Bijli, a female elephant we had been tracking since 2009. She had been hit by a speeding vehicle while on the highway and her hind leg had set very badly leaving her with a permanent limp. A small sized gentle girl, Bijli had lived a harrowing life, changing owners frequently, malnutritioned, scrawny and defeated by life’s injustices. Read more »

Wildlife SOS “bear family” has a new member.

Wildlife SOS recently received one more "dancing bear" at the Agra Bear Rescue Centre. The bear named “Moksha” meaning “eternal freedom of the soul” was one of the few bears that had been smuggled out of the country by his owner to avoid surrender to or confiscation by the Indian authorities. But after almost a year of hiding in a foreign country and avoiding returning to his family in India, the owner ultimately decided to return to India with the intention of surrendering his animal. Read more »

A Renewed Life - Champa Settles In

It has been just a few months since our dear Champa, aka Jasmine, was rescued from a life of drudgery and trauma.  She now lives surrounded by 4 acres of greenery with her very own paddy field and pond to bathe in. We wanted to make sure we gave you an update on how she's doing. The short story is that she's doing amazingly well! Read more »