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Tonk Village Boys

Tribal Rehabilitation

To create lasting change, it's important to help people as well as animals. People who once depended on exploiting animals for their livelihoods can now hold their heads high, and protect their natural inheritance for generations to come. Learn more.



We put a large emphasis on conservation education. We work
in both rural and urban communities to educate people about the surrounding environment and the animals. Learn more.

land in Karnataka

Habitat Protection

The protection of key habitat areas is essential to the survival of
many species. We buy land, and hire local guards to actively protect the habitat and keep poachers of the forests at bay. Learn more.

Sloth bear

Reducing Conflict

Human/wildlife conflicts occur throughout India and can result in
serious injury or even death to both humans and wildlife. We at work to resolve or diminish these conflicts through various efforts. Learn more.

 Airport project

Airport Project

At the international airport in Delhi, our trained rescue team is on site 24 hours a day. They catch and relocate animals that create safety hazards by wandering onto runways, or climbing into planes. Learn more.