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For hundreds of years throughout India, the sloth bear has been horribly exploited and abused. We are fighting to make sure every dancing bear of India is safe and in our care for the rest of their lives. Learn more. 

Working Elephant


In India, working elephants often endure lives filled with hardship, illness and injury. We are committed to improving the lives of these elephants as well as to taking as many off the streets as possible. Learn more.



From snake charmers to reptiles caught in dangerous situations, we are constantly saving reptiles! We run the only 24-hour reptile rescue center in the National Capital Region (NCR) and deal with roughly 300 calls a month. Learn more.

Leopard Cub


The greatest threat to the Leopard in India is their constant conflict with man. Relocation and protection of their natural habitat is vital to their survival. We work alongside the Forest Department of India to ensure their safety. Learn more.

Langur Monkey


From monkeys to birds, dugongs and everything in between the Wildlife SOS staff rescues thousands of animals in distress every year. Learn more.